About Worldwide

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS PORTFOLIOS is a new generation Corporate Strategy House that believes Marketing should be neither seen nor heard. It should just be: like oxygen; colourless, odourless, tasteless and the lifeblood of your Business.

What Worldwide does:

The Key to Economic Success is a Positive Balance of Trade made possible through winning more Business: the way to win more Business is to improve Competitiveness. Worldwide Specialises in Competitive Marketing and it changes Corporate Performance to Industry Leadership. These Powerful Contributions turned a small manufacturer into a player on the world stage and they have the capacity to transform any Ambitious Company into a Global Enterprise.

The Oil and Gas Industry is comprised by Oligopolies that are defined by Mobility Barriers. This means that Growth can only be achieved at the expense of Competitors.

Defining the Market in terms of a Matrix of Product-Market-Geography Cells increases the Focus on the only Source of Revenue. This kind of Strategic Intervention Increases the prospect of Sales and Reduces the Costs of those Sales.

WBP takes problems and resolves them by focusing on Strategic Marketing, using Asymmetric Thinking and inspiring Game Changing innovations. It develops Safe, Sustainable and Competitive Solutions that work because they match your capabilities to your opportunities.

This minimises the resistance and can Change your Corporate Performance to Industry Leadership.


The range includes:

Core Values and Business Philosophy:

Strategic Innovations depend on applying New Knowledge competitively. New knowledge begins at the frontiers of existing knowledge and the search induces a new culture that brings fresh Perspectives to the Strategic Environment. This is what inspires innovation and new ideas.

WBP is a Strategic Marketing Consultancy that can position your company for increased Sales and Business Revenue. Its work is based on Research:

This is evidence-based and mitigates the Risk to any new Venture.

The Marketplace is approached by:

This works because you know where you are going, why you are going and what your Customer wants from you: so the resistance is minimal.


Worldwide Business Portfolios is a results-oriented Business Development Consultancy that takes problems and resolves them. It works in an ethical manner and places great emphasis on Trust. Academically, trust is deconstructed to two components: ‘Goodwill and Competence’ and these are respected at all times.

WBP does not take risks with your reputation: instead, it applies the Principles of Marketing and Asymmetric Thinking to the Strategic Environment to inspire innovative solutions. This vision transformed a small manufacturer into a player on the world stage and is the feature of an ideal executive, trouble shooter, consultant and non executive contributor to change corporate performance to industry leadership.


WBP is committed to collaboration, learning and knowledge transfer. Its background includes: a consistent record of CPD; project management specialising in oil and gas, ETO, heavy engineering and minerals processing; a wide understanding of African, Arabian, Oriental and American cultures; the ability to manage and sell major, capital projects.photo2


WBP is a Management Company with interests in revenue and capital projects at home and overseas.

It delivers Corporate Services including:

These Elements hold the potential to change your Corporate Performance to Industry Leadership.

Some Achievements:


The benefits to your Company: