Corporate Services

These Corporate Services emerge from an existing familiarity with the Oil and Gas Industry, a proven competence in Business Development for Engineered To Order Products and an empathic understanding of the Strategic Process. The Work is designed to have a minimal impact on the style and culture of your organisation but to deliver Radical Improvements in Sales and Business Revenue by adjusting the Focus. It will position your Company to become an Industry Leader ready to Capitalise on the Investment.photo5

Growing Sense of Industry Awareness:

It acknowledges a growing sense of awareness in the industry for a more Marketing Oriented approach to Technological Acceptance, Product Innovation and Business Development and it presents an integrated solution for creating a Strategic Marketing Capability.

Worldwide Business Portfolios has a Vision to Change Corporate Performance to Industry Leadership. Its Mission is to facilitate Increased Revenue for its Clients by applying Asymmetric Thinking to the Strategic Environment and to inspire Game Changing Innovations. This improves the Commercial Productivity by enhancing the focus, increasing the Sales and reducing the costs of intervention.

Elements of Strategic Marketing and Business Development:

Contributions from Worldwide Business Portfolios:

The purpose is to prepare the ground, supply the means, point the way and then to justify a demand for increasing the sales income. The idea is to use an enhanced Customer Relationship to steer their wants towards a Supplier-oriented solution. This implies creating an innovation in Commercial Productivity.

Anticipation is Preparedness and an increased focus on Product-Market-Geography is a powerful technique.

This methodology captures the key to a successful Marketing Strategy: it is called Differentiated Segmentation. Segmentation is the most powerful tool in the scope of Marketing because, like Academics, who use a process known as ‘deconstruction’ to solve problems, the key to Marketing discovery is to break things down to their component parts.

Areas of Competence: