The Rationale

photo8The thesis here is that Engineering Companies serving the EXPRO Sector present a formidable level of competence in their core activities or they would not be serving the sector. However, the contention is that the returns on these assets can be improved upon.

The Intelligent Client:

The EXPRO Industry is characterised by an academic notion known as the ‘Intelligent Client’. This means that buying Companies tend to know what they want and this makes Selling what you have that much more difficult. However, if these potential Customers can be asked what their needs are and how they would like to have them satisfied the whole scenario changes and the door to collaboration is opened. Very few members of the Oil and Gas Community are reluctant to share their knowledge and Marketing Research exercises are an opportunity to begin, or to change the nature of, a Relationship.

Notwithstanding this, it is noted that these Customers want to see evidence-based Dossiers on how the Technology was evolved and applied and, in particular, how the difficulties were met and overcome.

This is the Marketing Approach in action and the competence presented here matches the level of capability in any new area of intervention.

Executive Clutter:

It is clear that many Companies have a nascent Marketing Orientation but there is a point when the best endeavours from homogenous thinking and in-house skills do not advance the corporate agenda at a sufficiently high rate. Then, relative progress tends to stagnate.

This is where an external Specialist makes the crucial difference. A Consultant brings a different mindset and perspective: such intervention facilitates a process where the executive is obliged to dedicate freed-up time, distil their thinking and focus on the single topic under consideration. Many executives experience high levels of clutter: there are constant distractions, feelings of isolation and a realisation that they are too close to issues to precipitate an objective view. The cathartic effect of Consultancy is beneficial to the Organisation.

Strategic Intervention:

Strategic Intervention is the catalyst that improves the returns on corporate endeavours. It seeks to enhance the judicial exploitation of the core competences by interjecting challenge, stretch and minor Plastic adjustments through asymmetric thinking. This brings Game Changer outcomes that are known as Innovations. The impact of applying this capability to exploit the knowledge, the relationships and the reputation of existing Corporate Assets is awesome.