Programme Approach

The Debriefing:

The work will require a Debriefing according to a Proprietary Document to precipitate the usual Statements of Understanding and Objectives. The Analysis uses an emergent philosophy that scavenges for resource capabilities. What is projected is based on delivering within the inherent, but, perhaps, latent, capabilities of the firm. This is probably the most revealing part of the exercise because it sheds new light on existing capabilities and fetches a completely new perspective.

The Purpose:

The Purpose is to create an enhanced vision and to improve the Sales Performance in the Marketplace. That is the Strategic Element of Marketing in action which is often, flamboyantly, referred to as Thought Leadership. The Goals are to focus on, and dominate, the chosen Market Sectors; to achieve Industry Leadership and to generate disproportionate returns on investments.

Three Strands:

The Programme has three strands: First, it is necessary to articulate a cognitive awareness of the Enterprise and to match it to appropriate sources of Business Income and Opportunities for Growth. These emerge from an analysis of the Product-Market-Geography Scenario for revenue and the evolution of a comprehensive Marketing Strategy.

Second, is to generate an awareness of the Social Software in the company. This is the culture and work ethic which derives from the respect the management shows for the intellectual and emotional wellbeing of the workforce and the corresponding trust the workforce reciprocates for the competence and goodwill of the management. High levels encourage a willingness to go the extra mile by denying self-interest for the common good. This aids productivity and minimises the inertia attached to change.

Third, it needs to articulate the levels of Functional Hardware displayed from the investment in machinery and the core competencies. It also identifies the types of project, the size of projects and the corporate risk profile for the kind of projects with which the business is comfortable.