Commercial Considerations

Premium Service:

Worldwide Business Portfolios provides a Premium Service and it charges a Premium Rate. Its contribution is to generate Residual Value in the Commercial Approach. The Fee is a Value Proposition that brings a sustainable Business Model, an inherent Payback, a significant contribution to cost savings and substantially increased income from clearly identified approaches to the Revenue streams.

photo9The EXPRO Business is unique in that there are very few Marketing Strategy Houses able to bring a comprehensive understanding of the Industry coupled with the capability to guide the Client to an appropriate Vision, Mission and set of Goals. This means that Worldwide Business Portfolios brings a rare ability and its sector knowledge and functional strength can help to integrate your Market Positioning with your Marketing Focus to deliver a coherent Programme that secures Industry Leadership and the Increased Revenues that lead you to disproportionate Returns on Investment.

This will do four things:

Non Commercial Considerations:

There are other beneficial outcomes: Strategic output depends on Strategic input. Inclusion is a major source of inspiration from which to derive encouragement, recognition, professional satisfaction, personal growth and motivation: it reflects mutual respect, personal value and promotes empowerment. These diffuse into the Company and they stay.

Summary Position:

This Package proposes a Strategic Development Programme for the Enterprise. It delivers a Framework to facilitate Corporate Imaging, Positioning and Revenue Growth and is customised to your Aspirations.

The Proposal, ‘To develop a Comprehensive Marketing Approach to Deliver More Sales, Better Focus and Bigger Revenues and to Position your Company as an acknowledged Leader in the Oil and Gas Industry’, is an Evolutionary-Change Programme for an Ambitious Business Entity.