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This will do four things
Non Commercial Considerations
Summary Position
The Debriefing
The Purpose
Three Strands
The Intelligent Client
Executive Clutter
Strategic Intervention
Strategic Plan
Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Business Model
The EXPRO Industry
Marketing Methodology
Marketing Management
Illustrations of the Power of Marketing
Intellectual Capital
Primary Activity of Marketing
Marketing Goals
Marketing Function
Growing Sense of Industry Awareness
Elements of Strategic Marketing and Business Development
Contributions from Worldwide Business Portfolios
Macro-, Micro-, Sub-Micro and Atomic Levels
Adding Value and Destructive Tendencies
Sources of Innovation
Sources of Failure in Innovation
Failure in the Cultural Infrastructure
Failure in the Innovation Process
Character Traits of Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs bring benefits
Business Cycles and Circular Flow
The Demise of Capitalism
The range includes
Core Values and Business Philosophy
Some Achievements
The benefits to your Company